Aggressive Biting In Puppy

Aggressive biting in a puppy can pose a huge problem if it is not taken care of properly. There are many different ways to help your Siberian Husky puppy break these bad habits at a very young age so you do not have to deal with a potentially worse problem as they get older and more capable of actually hurting someone.

Most of us have been around puppies before and are fully aware that puppies have a tendency to bite. This is usually how puppies play together, but when it becomes aggressive biting it can become an issue very quickly if not taken care of. 

There are certain tips and tricks that you as an aggressively biting puppy owner can utilize to help train your puppy not to be aggressive with biting. 

Before we really hit the tips and tricks, let us begin by figuring out what aggressive biting actually looks like.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between aggression and playfulness, especially for new puppy owners. So what does aggressive biting truly look like? If your puppy starts to have a growl you should take note of that and don’t think its cute!

 Vocal cues are a huge sign of aggression when it comes to dogs. Before you hear vocal cues, you will most likely notice that your dog’s stance and posture is different. You can also watch the tail and other body language. Don’t take this lightly 

Verbal Authority is a good starting method used to deal with aggressive biting in puppies

You can give your puppy verbal cues when it comes to rough play. If you are playing with your puppy and he or she gets out of hand or too aggressive in someway, you can say things like “ouch“ or “no“ in a loud stern voice and immediately stop playing with him or her. 

Puppies always have so much energy. Sometimes this energy can build up overtime and cause your puppy to get aggressive while playing. You can help their energy levels balance out by providing a lot of exercise. This can be accomplished by taking your puppy on several walks throughout the day, taking them to a dog park, or letting him or her run around in the backyard. If you are still having issues with your puppy being too aggressive, you could also pay for puppy training classes. These can sometimes be a bit expensive but having a professional help train your dog is what does the trick for some of them.

Time to get serious with your puppies aggressive biting.

Each dog has a personality and can be influenced differently. With some Siberian Husky puppies a simple distracting them with a toy or a firm NO won’t do anything to alter aggressive biting. Time to move to other measures to ensure your puppy grows up to be a nice dog

Bonker deals with aggressive biting in a puppy!

This is one tool, that if used consistently, and with love, does work. Look if your puppy is truly aggressively biting people, it must be stoped. There are no exceptions to it. It’s either put all effort into stoping aggressive biting in a puppy or you’ll end up with an unruly adult dog that is good for nothing. These dogs end up on a chain, behind a fence, or in the pound awaiting the execution of its life. 

A Bonker is a news paper, towel, or other semi soft object used to bonk the puppy on the head and make him or her uncomfortable.